Our Specialized Services

Bringing over three decades of expertise, Lanco Brokerage Corp is a premier Insurance Broker Agency specializing in Commercial PropertyLiability InsuranceWorker’s Compensations, and Business Owner Policies. We’re dedicated to tailoring diverse services to meet our clients’ unique needs. Safeguarding commercial ventures with robust property and liability coverage and ensuring employee well-being via comprehensive healthcare options are our core priorities. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and personalized service defines us. Discover our array of specialized insurance offerings meticulously designed to safeguard your assets, minimize risks, and propel your success forward.

Lanco Brokerage Corp stands as a premier Insurance Broker Agency, a trusted name renowned for its steadfast commitment to exceptional service and comprehensive coverage. Specializing in a spectrum of insurance solutions, we cater to diverse needs, excelling particularly in Commercial Property insurance, Liability Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, and Business Owner Policies (BOP).

Our wealth of experience spanning more than thirty years is the cornerstone of our agency, enabling us to navigate the intricate landscape of insurance with finesse. As a stalwart in the industry, we understand the unique challenges businesses face and, through meticulous attention to detail, craft tailored insurance strategies that mitigate risks and fortify businesses against unforeseen circumstances.

At Lanco Brokerage Corp, we prioritize client-centric approaches, ensuring that each insurance solution is not just a policy but a shield safeguarding your business interests. Whether it’s safeguarding your property, securing liability protection, covering your employees with comprehensive Worker’s Compensation, or ensuring your business’s continuity with robust Business Owner Policies, our expertise and dedication set us apart as a reliable partner in your journey to sustained success.

Our commitment extends beyond providing insurance solutions; it encompasses building enduring relationships based on trust, reliability, and a shared goal of securing your business’s future. Discover the unparalleled advantage of partnering with Lanco Brokerage Corp – where experience meets excellence and protection knows no bounds.”